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A Bachelorette Boat Adventure

We took a super fun group of girls on a bachelorette boat adventure on a beautiful spring day.
It was an amazing morning as we left the harbor.
IMG_2587  IMG_2588

The trip up to Malibu was smooth and comfortable.
IMG_2595  IMG_2597

When we arrived at Malibu Pier, they were all excited to try some paddleboarding.
They all picked it up really quick!
IMG_2620  IMG_2644
IMG_2640  IMG_2670
IMG_2672  IMG_2637

One of the girls even had a dolphin swim by within a couple of feet from her board!
IMG_2663  IMG_2662

They were feeling adventurous so when I told them they could be towed behind the boat by a rope, they jumped at the chance.
IMG_2711  IMG_2707
IMG_2701  IMG_2699
IMG_2679  IMG_2675

We cruised the incredible Malibu coastline on the way home.
IMG_2714 IMG_2716

Everyone had a blast!

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