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A 2 Family Paddleboarding Boat Adventure

We took out 2 wonderful families to the secluded Palos Verdes Penninsula for a coastal tour, and paddleboard lessons.

On the way out, we checked out the bouy where all the sea lions hang out and they all had a great, close up encounter with these very playful mammals.

Arriving at the Palos Verdes Penninsula, we tucked into a small cove and after a quick paddleboard lesson, the families were off to explore the kelp forests and rugged coastline.
IMG_8649  IMG_8646
IMG_8617  IMG_8626
IMG_8639  IMG_8614
IMG_8657  IMG_8667
IMG_8677  IMG_8686
IMG_8691  IMG_8692

When I mentioned that they could be towed behind the boat on the paddleboards, the kids jumped at the chance.
IMG_8699  IMG_8696
IMG_8728  IMG_8713

We even made a pass by the ‘sea lion’ bouy so they could see the sea lions close up.

It was a super fun family trip with memories that will last a lifetime!




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  1. Diane Inghilterra

    Thanks so much for a terrific, terrific time. I am so determined to get my balance back and sail high on these crazy little boards this summer!! Wonderful coach and tour guide! We will be back…we will make you proud!!

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